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                               CHURCH MINISTRIES


Partnering with the 12 churches of the Gucha Baptist Association of Rongo, Kenya, our ministry to these brothers and sisters in Christ consists of providing teaching, Bibles, food, school fees, women’s ministries, and orphan support.


Clear Creek has partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing for over twenty years, providing Bible translation into indigenous languages, solar-powered digital New Testament audio recorders for 100-300 listeners, and Military Bible Sticks, a Mil-Spec MP3 player containing the New Testament.

Image by MD Duran


At Clear Creek Baptist Church, we honor, and respect our Military Service men and women. We have an ongoing partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing to provide Military Bible Sticks - A Military Spec MP3 player. If you are an active member, or veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you will be most welcome and we will be honored to worship the King Jesus with you,

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